Raymond Grinsell

Raymond Grinsell

Early Life & Education

Raymond Grinsell was born and raised in Mill Valley, California, located about 10 miles north of San Francisco. Grinsell graduated with distinction from Tamalpais High School in 1960 as third in his class. Following high school, Raymond attended U.C. Berkeley where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Political Science, with a minor in History. He did not shy away from hard work and paid his way through Berkeley by holding odd jobs such as gardening, dishwashing, and a position with the U.S. Post Office.

Upon graduation from U.C. Berkeley in 1964, Raymond Grinsell had a 12-month stint in finance before resuming his education and receiving teaching credentials from Cal State – Hayward. Grinsell then accepted a teaching position at Castro Valley High School, where he taught as a history teacher and guidance counselor from 1966-1969.
In 1960, Grinsell went on to attend San Francisco State University where he earned his Master of Education. While there, Raymond met his wife and immediately fell in love. They have now been happily married for 49 years.

Raymond Grinsell

Founders Realty

Mr. Grinsell’s real estate career began in 1972, when he served as a salesman for Phillips Realty before moving on to Golden State Realty. Unfortunately, both companies no longer exist today. While working as a real estate salesman, Raymond learned everything he could about sales and realty, and decided it was time to venture out on his own. On October 10th, 1975, Raymond started Founders Realty on 8th Avenue in San Francisco. Founder Realty remained at that location for an impressive 29-year stretch. Raymond states that his practice was very eclectic, and is where he developed an early passion for buying and keeping apartment buildings. Raymond has a gifted ability to sell 2-3 unit buildings and homes. What is most impressive about Raymond Grinsell’s career, is with little to no cash or help, he paved his way to success through hard work. Raymond was able to purchase buildings through using real estate commissions and small down payments to leverage into property deals, in order to keep them or trade them for better properties. Raymond successfully built an apartment house portfolio to showcase his abilities to clients.

Later career

In the early 1990’s, Raymond began to diversify his work to specialize in REO properties and represented several major financial institutions, including Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. After mastering the REO property market, Raymond started buying foreclosure properties, renovating, and selling them, which quickly became his primary business.
Throughout the 2000’s, Raymond continued to represent banks, but the focus was heavily placed on buying foreclosure properties and flipping them for a profit. In addition to switching his focus, he also gradually upgraded his apartment and house ownership, by trading the smaller buildings in for more profitable apartment buildings. In 2004, Founder Realty made its first office move and relocated to 1248 Noriega Street, in San Francisco – which is where the realty office remains today.
Raymond Grinsell has since retired from being a real estate agent or broker, and instead chooses to invest in real estate through buying and selling properties with a separate corporation and retirement plan. Mr. Grinsell is honored to have turned Founders Realty over to his niece, Gina Gianopoulos, who is now the broker of the office. Raymond’s love of the real estate industry is seen through his outstanding 47 years of dedicated work. Despite his wife’s objections, Raymond never plans to retire!


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